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Brigade Group brings new luxury apartments to Bangalore at Brigade Meadows

January 4th, 2016

Brigade-Meadows-ApartmentOne of Bangalore’s most prolific and well respected builders, Brigade Group has always been on the forefront of introducing new benchmarks in Indian real estate. While the firm has active projects all over Southern India, its main hub remains Bangalore, where the company is headquartered. Bangalore’s skyline is dominated by Brigade projects, and very soon a new name is going to be added to that list.

Brigade Group has recently unveiled plans to develop a new ultra luxury apartment project at its Kanakpura Road site, Brigade Meadows. Brigade is developing the Meadows project to become the hallmark of luxurious living in Bangalore, and the newest project is going to be the crown jewel for Brigade Meadows.

The project is called Plumeria at Brigade Meadows and it offers unparalleled luxury and opportunities for its residents to enjoy the good life. The Plumeria project features 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with floor space varying from 1,100 square feet to 1,600 square feet. The apartment building is located on a 60 acre property and boasts of amazing, scenic views and lush green spaces that provide great serenity after a hard day’s work in the hustle-bustle of the city. The project also has some exciting amenities, never seen before in Bangalore apartments, like football fields, horse riding school, golf putting, basketball courts, cricket pitch, yoga deck, swimming pool and many other sporting facilities. But that’s not all – the project also has a shopping arcade, a kindergarten school, a hospital and two clubhouses. All these features guarantee a life of great exclusivity at Plumeria, Brigade Meadows.

The project is strategically located on Kanakpura Road, which is an upcoming residential location in Bangalore real estate. Due to its location, the apartment project is close to several main professional centers like Electronic City and Bannerghatta Road. There is also a proposed metro station coming up on Kanakpura Road, which will further enhance the area’s connectivity. Although the project provides a lot of basic infrastructure, markets, malls, hospitals and educational institutions are also available in plenty at Kanakpura Road.

Plumeria at Brigade Meadows symbolizes the convergence of Brigade Group’s long standing commitment to high quality projects and unbridled luxury in the lap of nature. The project is not only a great residential destination, but will also provide a great investment opportunity. In the coming years, it is definite that Brigade Meadows is going to be an enviable address to live at!

How second home purchases are boosting the real estate market in North Bangalore

November 18th, 2015

The Bangalore real estate market is one of the most vibrant and lucrative in the country. The city, earlier known as the ‘Garden City’ is now also the ‘IT Capital’ of India, and because of that, the realty market has taken off like never before. From flats and villas to row houses, all sorts of real estate projects are finding takers in Bangalore.

The areas that were previously considered to be on the outskirts of the city have now been engulfed in the real estate boom owing to massively increasing demands for housing in Bangalore. Regions to the south and east of Bangalore have grown to become massive IT hubs and builders and developers have had to cater to the housing needs of the employees in these places. The western periphery of Bangalore, meanwhile, is a major industrial area. This leaves north Bangalore, which in recent times is seeing a different kind of real estate boom.

North Bangalore – Ideal destination for a holiday home?

The rampant growth and development in other parts of the city have meant that there isn’t much calm, peace and scenic beauty around Bangalore – except the north. The construction of the new airport has also drawn the attention of buyers and developers both to this area.

Developers are responding to the interest from buyers and have started selling north Bangalore as the ideal location to purchase a weekend holiday home. A large chunk of the city’s population consists of IT professionals who are used to having two days off at the weekend. While two days off isn’t enough to go somewhere far from the city, it is an ideal amount of time to spend on the outskirts of the city – it is easy to reach, beautiful, serene and away from the hustle and bustle of the IT metropolis.

Developers have mainly focused on the stretch of road leading from the airport to Nandi Hills and are offering apartments, villas, row houses and even plots for sale on this stretch of land.

 Why choose North Bangalore?

Apart from the scenic beauty, great connectivity and optimum distance from the city, another major factor that makes North Bangalore a lucrative option to invest in real estate is the affordability. This area has not seen the kind of massive growth in rates as other parts of the city, which makes the real estate much cheaper on the pocket when compared to other areas.

Most of the developers and builders are offering holiday homes in North Bangalore in the form of one or two bedroom cottages, which are modestly priced between Rs 35-75 lakhs. If you wish to purchase villas in North Bangalore, it will set you back by Rs 80 lakhs-1.5 crores. Another popular choice among buyers is plots in North Bangalore, which are one of the cheapest in the entire city. Plots are available in large sizes (upwards of 1,200 sqft) and are usually priced between Rs 2,200-3,500 per sqft. And with the interest that is being developed in this region of Bangalore, the prices are going to see genuine appreciation in the coming years.

There’s no doubt that north Bangalore is a burgeoning real estate market in Bangalore, mainly due to the concept of weekend holiday homes gaining popularity in the city. Apartments, cottages, villas and plots – everything is available and at modest rates. So what are you waiting for? Stop thinking and book your holiday home today!

5 Tips to make smart real estate decisions in Bangalore

September 15th, 2015

Bangalore has been one of the successful markets for real estate investors and buyers across India. From domestic buyers to non resident Indians, investing in realty projects in Bangalore has been on the radar for just about everyone.

With changing times the Bangalore real estate market has also witnessed a phenomenal change. Here is a look at 5 tips that will help you take a smart real estate decision when investing in Bangalore.

1: Consider projects close to metro and elevated corridors:  Over the years Bangalore city traffic has witnessed a phenomenal increase. The metro and elevated corridor projects have been designed to make traffic flow easily all over the city. Real estate projects located near the metro stations and elevated corridors are expected to offer better returns once the elevated corridors and metro train gets fully functional.  Choose a property located at a close distance to the metro line and an elevated corridor.

2: Road Widening at Bannerghatta Road presents a Good investment option: Bannerghatta Road has today become a hub for business establishments and IT companies. The area was always on the radar of investors but small roads were the reasons prices were not increasing as expected. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) road department has announced that it will be widened the Bannerghatta Road from the existing 25-30 meters to 45 meters. This change in road widening norms makes Bannerghatta Road a perfect real estate investment destination in Bangalore. Real estate prices are likely to witness an upside of 15 to 20 per cent as a result of the road widening project alone. Bannerghatta Road is also covered under the Bangalore metro project in the second phase.

3: Check Legal Documents Carefully:  With so many builders active in Bangalore and its adjoining areas, there has been a rise in builder frauds. Make sure to check all legal documents with the builder before investing any money in realty projects.  The best way is to get the legal documents verified by a certified real estate expert or a legal attorney.

4: Balance Price with Location Preference: Bangalore real estate prices have been rising exponentially especially in some areas. Irrespective of your budget make sure to balance the price with your location preference.  Instead of paying a premium for one location, you can opt for a bigger property in a location which is slightly off the big names but well connected to the city.

5: Opt for Well known Builders: Bangalore real estate market has many builders who are just one or two projects old. Always opt for well known builders who finish off their projects on time. Opting for new builders puts you at risk for project delays, frauds and lack of quality in construction.

Why Bangalore Is The Perfect Sanctuary For A Luxury Home

April 26th, 2015

Bangalore has been a great choice for luxury homes due to the escalating demand for housing from IT professionals. Businessmen, aristocrats, and other employees earning high incomes, are attracted to live in such homes in the Silicon Valley.

You may often be amazed by the fact that Bangalore is rapidly expanding in terms of luxury real estate options. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as affluent Indians, companies, NRI’s, and foreign investors have been investing in Bangalore due to its profitable property market. Here are the important factors that contribute to making Bangalore an ideal city for luxury living:

1. Investments By Senior Managers, Banking Officials, and NRIs

Top managers and key investors are eager to invest in cities and localities that are thriving with developments, or soon-to-be fortunate victims of such developments. As a result, the need for luxury homes has been increasing at an alarming rate, and this is simultaneously being met by the supply of such properties. More and more luxury homes are sprucing up all around the IT city, thereby attracting important investments and investors. 

2. Growing Demand For Luxury Homes

There are many reputed builders in Bangalore such as Sobha, Provident, Mantri, Prestige, Puravankara, Salarpuria, and so on. These builders have launched many luxury villas in order to capitalize on the growing demand for this property type. The popular impression created by builders who love making profits from the sale of luxury homes is, if you have the money to invest, then they have the property you want.

3. Influx Of Luxury Housing Projects

Some of the best luxury homes in the city are as follows:

  • Thanisandra: Provident Harmony by Provident Housing comprises of 1,2 and 3 BHK homes, priced in the range of Rs 54 to 67.5 lakhs.
  • Yelahanka: Provident Freedom by Provident Housing consists of 3 BHK apartments, priced in the range between Rs 36 to 43 lakhs.
  • Sarjapur Road: Marvella by Sobha has 3 and 4 BHK homes, where the price ranges between Rs 1.18 to 3.32 crores.
  • Hennur Road: Purva The Waves by Puravankara has 2 and 3 BHK apartments that cost anywhere between Rs 57 to 80 lakhs.
  • Whitefield: Skylark Ithaca by Skylark Mansions has all types of apartment units, be it 1,2,3, or 4 BHK homes, which cost between Rs 25 lakhs to 1.43 crores.

Many affluent investors have turned their heads to the direction of these popular and interesting luxury projects that are flourishing throughout Bangalore.

4. Lifestyle Changes With More Development

In today’s world, luxury is no longer limited to something that is extravagant or big in size that requires lots of money. Many housing projects are coming up with sophisticated technology such as digital security, temperature control, wireless communication, and audio/video detection systems that offer safety and security. These installations are the characteristics of a great luxury home, and hence part of a great lifestyle change. Other amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, shopping center, and conference rooms are secondary, but they too add value to a home, making it more luxurious than before.

A Guide To Buying Real Estate In Bangalore

March 2nd, 2015

The real estate market in Bangalore has been growing at a quick pace as many individuals from other states are looking to invest here. However, there are no provisions for statute regulations and rules in order to make this transaction easier and simpler for the buyer as well as the seller. Reading this article will help you avoid being exploited, when buying real estate in Bangalore.

Bangalore-real-estateOnce the potential buyer has made arrangements to invest in property by procuring funds through home loans or self-finance, they should proceed with extra care because it involves many intricate and complex issues. The following are important points to keep in mind when investing in real estate:

Get The Right Project

The real estate market in Bangalore is lively and nearly 500 residential projects (around 60,000 units) are coming up every year. In order to select the right project, you should check whether the builders are reliable, the prices of other apartments in the area, and the facilities they provide.

Check For Government Approvals

The next thing you should check for is government clearances from Bescom, BWSSB, and the pollution board. You should also check whether the project has been approved by BBMP. Always keep in mind that all building plans have to approved by BDA and not by a panchayat, even if the project is located around 50 km from the city.

Loans Sanctioned And Indemnity Of The Builders

Always keep a check on the activity of the builders and obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate’ for the undivided share of land. You should make sure that all transactions made by the builders are reflected on paper so that there are minimum chances of the builder getting multiple loans sanctioned for the same project. Visit the site religiously and insist that the builder gets a completion certificate(CC) that is issued by the BBMP. Also, get an ‘Indemnity Bond’ issued by the builder, which says that all constructions are in accordance with government approvals. Apart from this, an occupancy certificate (OC) will be issued within three months of the project being completed.

MoE And Other Legal Documentation

If the project is a joint venture and the builder has sanctioned loans for construction of the project, a memorandum of entry is framed between the landlords and the builder. It is advisable for buyers to insist on seeing original legal documents before making advance payments.

Verify The Carpet Area

Always keep a tab on the carpet area of your flat. Generally, builders sell apartments by measuring the super built up area, which includes pools and balconies. But the actual surface area of the apartments is quite smaller than what is mentioned. The difference is usually around 15-20%. Keeping a ‘master file’ with all your property documents intact, will help you in future real estate endeavours.

Real estate investment in a metropolitan city like Bangalore is a risky affair, so it is important for you to do a background check of the builder and the property before taking any further steps towards investment.

Marathahalli Finds Itself At The Surging Crossroad Of Development

January 27th, 2015

The suburban sector has come a long way to take on the wings and cuts of development. Particularly, after the IT explosion, Marathahalli came into its own, with all the cuts and chisels of prosperity. Things were different in the nineties. During those days, Marathahalli located on the outer ends of the Ring Road was nothing more than a quiet rustic center. But thanks to the initiatives of the developmental authorities, as a result of their concerted efforts, the township could take on the notes of self-sufficiency. IT explosion is just one of the factors that added to the developmental edge. Apart from this, there are other ancillary triggers to consider.

It takes more than one hand to clap. Similarly for the developmental process to click, you need multiple assortments of facts and factors. No developmental endeavor can stand by itself, without the supportive backup of the triggering incentives. The builders and developers made the most of these additives and incentives. As a result, you have the current statement of Marathahalli that booms and bustles with ultra-modern dwelling apartments and residential projects for all income types. End numbers of business-centric, retail and official ventures are also in the pipeline. You already have the esteemed presence of the Innovative Multiplex. It is just one of the many names to consider.

That’s because Marathahalli is replete with shopping malls, markets, supermarkets and a large number of retailing units. One of the unique propositions of Marathahalli relates to the availability of the retailing units. It is an ideal destination for buying goods and durables at a price of economy. When compared to the other shopping joints of Bangalore, Marathahalli presents a cost-effective picture. The factor has walked a long way towards adding to the edge of development. At least, the real-estate boom in Marathahalli is ascribable to this particular factor. In the years to come, you will find the place dotted with a few more shopping and retailing complexes including the Star Mall, Bren Avalon and Bren Zion.

Bangalore’s Ring Road is one of the highpoint of connectivity. You have this particular road passing through Marathahalli. The prospect comes as an advantageous ace. In this context, it will be worth mentioning about the well-planned railway over- bridge- the one connecting Marathahalli to Kundalahalli. The latter also chips in as an advantageous ace seeking to smoothen out and streamline the hassles of commutation. The HAL airport lies in the proximity of Marathahalli. Similarly, the Electronic City and Whitefield are within a stone throw from Marathahalli.

As said at the outset, the real-estate boom doesn’t rest on one single factor. It is the combination of many that makes things click. Be it in the availability of retailing centers or shopping niches or reaching out to the best hospital facility and specialty clinic; Marathahalli presents a high upfront of development. So, as an inmate you do not miss out on availing the best healthcare, recreational and educational facilities. Over the last few years or so, it has also stood out as a major hub of employment. You have a host of IT, multinational and national companies springing up, and they serve as the leading basis of employment and other commercially-oriented activities.

Bangalore Has The Right Recipe For Roping In NRI Investment

December 27th, 2014

Bangalore is supposed to be a techie heaven. There is no dearth of engineering colleges, medical centers, colleges and other institutions of higher learning. The region is also conducive to the sustaining development of research-centric activities. Over the last few decades or so, a large number of multinational and overseas companies are staking their claims, seeking to channelize their business endeavors from Bangalore. It has emerged as one of the leading nexuses of employment, with techies from India and abroad seeking refuge in its developing ambience. But no coin comes without the reverse side. Similarly, the city has its fair share of problems in traffic congestion, road blocks and accidental deaths and other mishaps.

The developmental authority has embarked on a specialized lay of planning to minimize the woes and the issues of transit and transportation. The plan centers on the development of a flyover that will start off from Chalukya and link up ultimately with the flying corridor of Hebbal. The one and the only objective are to tone down the odds and effects of the traffic jam. The plan comes as an edge of incentive and links up with the prospect of NRI investment. The latter group not only looks forward to availing of the top class amenities. But the non-resident Indians are also keen about optimizing time of travel. In the course of travelling to your work-place or business center, if you end up wasting time, then the prospect negatively impacts your return.

The statisticians have interesting insights to present about the real-estate investment scenario in Bangalore. The techie destination is the most sough-after location among the overseas settled Indians. In the times to come, and by the close of the current financial year of 2014, you can expect the demand to surge by another thirty-five percent. The Indian economy finds itself on a spree of revival. Similar is true of the global fiscal scenario. Somewhere down the line, the demand and the supply curves have inextricable relations to the employment prospect. Tech-savvy Indians and those pursuing careers in info-technology can find the right succors of job-related development in Bangalore.

Even if the so-called NRIs are pursuing their career in the American and the European countries, they will not mind settling down in Bangalore. The city remains on the topmost slot of planning and priorities for a large number of young and dynamic non-resident Indians. As a result of this ongoing trend, the builders and developers are not unwary of cashing in on the opportunities. They too are equally upbeat with their focus on worldwide promotions. You will have plenty of developers expanding and enhancing the channels of distributions. They know that the cash-rich buyers are not necessarily the Indian inmates. Hence, they are not unwilling to take the overseas plunge and tap the resources up there.

To go by the words of a leading statistician-“Quite a few cities including those around the NCR had parts to play in the cross-national survey. But the NRIs were keenest to enquire into the investment options of Bangalore”. As many as eight-hundred and fifty real-estate promoters hailing from the different parts of India had chipped in with their role to conduct this cross-country survey.

Marathahalli With Its Flair And Focus On The Betterment Is One Of The Most Economic Options

December 19th, 2014

The strategic eminence of Marathahalli stems from its proximity to the HAL airport. Following Bangalore’s emergence as a premier IT hub, the suburban area of Marathahalli also took on the wings of development. You will find the region teeming with end numbers of manufacturing outlets, factories and IT offices. You all know that the demand and supply quotients have stellar roles to play in determining the scope and extent of the real-estate market. Whether or not the market will present an appreciative trend is another important aspect of consideration. That’s because the proposition goes a long way towards influencing the demand-supply curve.

As things stand today, the scenario in Marathahalli has a healthy upfront to present. It will be interesting as well as economic to note that the price specifications in Marathahalli are at least ten percent lower than most of its surrounding hubs. It is breaking- news for the end-users and the purchasers with an eye on a budget. There are statistical evidences to prove that a large cross-section of buyers is showing greater and keener preference to invest in Marathahalli. They are opting for the latter over the so-called posh hubs of Sarjapur and Whitefield. The quiet and the sleepy village have not only trodden the cuts and chisels of technological, commercial and infrastructural development. Its proximity to the outer edge of the Ring Road also comes as a cut of advantage.

Marathahalli finds itself on a booming upswing of development. As a result, you will find the place teeming with a large number of constructional projects. While most of the projects have reached the point of completion, and up in the offing for sale; at least forty to fifty percent of the constructional projects are in the pipeline. To go by the words of a noted real-estate company’s spokesperson- “The demands are more for two and three BHK facilities, and the apartment type housing establishments are currently ruling the roost. There is yet another curious point to observe. The place happens to be one of the most sought-after destinations amongst the youthful and upcoming professionals.

Both in terms of renting, as well as that in buying; the cost perspective of Marathahalli is more affordable than the rest. The prospect once again explains why the hub is finding increased preference amongst the upcoming groups of professionals. If you consider the price value of every square foot, you will find that you need not spend more than four, thousand four hundred bucks for the same. The rental options are even cheaper than the former, with the user having to pay rupees seventeen for every square foot.

There are certain developmental/infrastructural bottlenecks to counter. Depletion of the water level and unplanned usage of water are two of the leading hitches to answer. The surge in the intensity of the real-estate activities is largely responsible for the gradual decadence of the water table. The perspective calls for a planned insight so that the usage and application of water take place with a methodical focus. Notwithstanding these civic issues, you can expect the property market to be on an appreciative swing. In the years to come, completion of the Grand Mall project will give a further boost to the capital value.

Bangalore Real Estate Field Is Coming With New Year Deals Through PE Objectives

December 19th, 2014

At this present scenario, Bangalore is trying to attract a large number of equity investors, under the zone of real estate values. The main aim is to gain as many profitable deals as possible, within New Year’s time. As per the latest statistical results, it has been found out that there are nearly $10 million deals, which are already down the drain, and there are more such deals. These are planned to take place, within few days. Some deals have already closed and, on the other hand, some are in their advance stages and planning to close within few days. This news was presented by the reliable multiple industrial sources.

It has been found out that even in last year, the IT sector of Bangalore is set to attract a large capital fro the same group. The main aim was related with the private deals, under the real estate funding section. During that instance, the major captured area was the metro market zone. As per the previous results, it was successful in capturing three times the real share, under the investment values. It makes Bangalore first and Pune leading with the second spot, quite next to Bangalore.

According to the latest spokesperson, “There are some deals, which are more than 100 crores, under the equity deals, along with various real estate developers. With the help of these deals, a private equity investor is going to hold a share with the real estate developers.” This is somewhat a new change, which is flourishing at a fast pace and with 100% accurate results.

On the other hand, some other real estate companies are looking forward with capital asset of management field, under lump sum amount of nearly 4000 crores and all planning to go under the real estate values. Some are associated with the preliminary discussions with real estate investors, for any similar sized investment, at any project level. The news reporters have failed to answer the questions properly. The only answer is to deal with an active investment opportunity, as part of the southern residential markets. The main area after Bangalore is Chennai and the services, are too good to avoid.

At this present moment, Bangalore is looking forward to a healthy absorption, under the zone of residential units. These relate with the fresh jobs, as and which are about to get created. On the other hand, you have to culminate the southern metros, which have absorbed over more than 12 million square feet. These places are not only dealing with the residential areas but other official segments, too. The real estate dealers must have a proper communication with the real investors, before jumping for a final say.

Within the last two years, Bangalore has reported with a growth of nearly 15 to 20%, in the field of residential units. The main reason was the stable price regime. The capital value and absorption are in sync with the other options, making Bangalore a perfect lookout for various NRIs, as well. This growth is going to stay like this, for the years to come.